1. The Bear Hug Man -

    Luke Dixon is a 25 year-old illustrator and graphic artist from Britain.

    What does the general public know about Mr Dixon? Not much, except for few likes which includes drawing obsessively, drinking Guinness, seeing people fall over, documentaries and bears; and a few dislikes, which includes student unions or anyone involved within a student union - usually the smiley kids at any uni with brightly coloured t-shirts and a white pastey face, passing out flyers. As well as tomatoes, cheese, and wind. Funny guy.

    Luke loves bears. His intention is that when he is in his 50s, he will publish a book containing roughly 3000 bears. He is currently working on his fourth bear for this series (long way to go). 

    Check out more of his work here - there is some work for rad brand Brutus Trimfit, as well as images of Naughty by Nature, Steve Buscemi and JayZ.